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EAST SCITT is proud to have been accredited by the Department of Education in July 2020, as an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provider offering primary (5-11) and secondary (11-19) school-based initial teacher training awarding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


With recruitment in Suffolk being quite challenging, we realised the importance of attracting potential new teachers by offering training utilising outstanding classroom practitioners from across the county. EAST SCITT has over 30 partnership schools which enable them to offer contrast within their trainee placements and cover the full geographical area of Suffolk. They work with the University of Buckingham to offer a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Masters' credits, alongside QTS.  EAST SCITT trainee teachers experience the very best.

Trainees  working together - 2021

Trainees in subject session - 2021



EAST SCITT are proud to have recruited around 45 trainee teachers each year since the first cohort in September 2021, covering a range of phases/subjects including Primary; Maths; Computing; Biology; Chemistry; English; MFL; History; Geography; Business Studies; Design Technology; and Psychology


The ethos has two solid foundations: using current expertise within the classroom to develop and train the next generation of teachers; and ensuring that every potential applicant receives bespoke advice and observational opportunities to make an informed decision on becoming a teacher.


Recruitment for primary and secondary cohorts, opens in early October each year. www.eastscitt.co.uk

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